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Where to begin?!

The NY opening of Good Ol’ Girls was beyond exciting! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, click HERE for photos!

Marshall Chapman -  Country Strong - On The Set

Lunchbreak on the set. Mike Moyer (gaffer) & Tom Morales (TomKats) put the love on "Winnie."

Work on Love Don’t Let Me Down (the movie) is starting to wind down. The wrap party is this week, and photos from that event will be posted in the next Tall Girl Skinny. To the wonderful cast and crew (and to movie lovers everywhere), I hereby dedicate the following song: (click HERE to listen.) Thanks, everybody! It’s been a great ride!

Meanwhile, work continues on my new CD, Big Lonesome, which we are dedicating to the memory of Tim Krekel, my co-conspirator and dear friend. Tim’s son, Jason, stopped by the studio last week to sing Tim’s part on the last song Tim and I wrote together — a duet called “Sick of Myself.” Wait ’til you hear it! We caught a great groove.

As for my book (They Came to Nashville), we’re down to choosing designs for the jacket cover.

Fall release is planned for all.

Until next time …

Tall hugs from tallgirl land!

Marshall Chapman (signature)

P.S. Thanks to all my FB friends for your good wishes while I was in NY.

Reviews continue to pour in!

Marshall Chapman - Good Ol' Girls cast

Bill Bradley and Marshall backstage with the cast of Good Ol' Girls: Lauren Kennedy, Liza Vann, Teri Ralston, Gina Stewart, and Sally Mayes. Photo: Ellen Mezzera

From Back Stage magazine … click HERE.

And THIS just in from the Associated Press. (After reading this review, Jill McCorkle “started speaking in tongues and fell out cold!”)

What’s Marshall’s most treasured possession?

Marshall Chapman

Photo: Anthony Scarlati

Click HERE to find out!


Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny February 2010 - Flashback

(1982) Lone Star Café - NYC. Fred Williamson, Jr. and Marshall with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Big Joe Turner. Photo: Dorothy Josey

Pearl Drop

Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny February 2010 - Pearldrop

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