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MARCH 2010

Hey there!

Marshall Chapman - Country Strong

Bucky Baxter and Amanda Shires play fiddles, while "Winnie" plays Amanda's Dan Electro.

Thanks to all who showed up last week for TEDxGreenville and at The Plantation Club in Savannah! It felt good to be back playing music after two months working on Love Don’t Let Me Down. Speaking of … click HERE to see pictures from the wrap party (as promised), along with some behind-the-scenes shots from making the movie.

I recently wrote a song with Gretchen Peters and Minton Sparks called “The Killer Next Door.” It’s about a young girl who grows up living next door to Jerry Lee Lewis. Last week we recorded a demo with Eddie Angel playing guitar, Barry Walsh channeling Jerry Lee on piano, and Minton signifying god-only-knows what at the end. When Nick Tosches heard the results, he emailed: “I love it! Makes me want to take my clothes off!” Is there any higher praise?

Work continues as we prepare They Came To Nashville (my new book) for publication. As for Big Lonesome (my new CD), it’s just about done other than adding mariachi horns and background vocals on a couple of songs, then mixing.

A fall release is planned for all.

Meanwhile, Good Ol’ Girls continues to rock off-Broadway! Jill McCorkle saw the show Friday night and reports that it’s even better than it was opening night, which is hard to imagine!

Until next time …

Love on!

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Good Ol’ Girls update!

Click HERE for latest reviews, actor interviews, and good stuff in general.

Are you a dreamer?

If so, click HERE.

Appeal from Marshall on behalf of Gaile Owens

My friend and longtime penpal, Gaile Owens, may be the first woman to be executed by the State of Tennessee since 1820, unless we do something NOW.

I wrote about Gaile on pages 178-180 of my first book. To learn more about her story and sign the petition to commute her sentence, go to

This is beyond anyone’s views on capital punishment. This is injustice getting ready to happen. Thank you for your consideration.


Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny March 2010 - Flashback!

(1979) Marshall laying it down at Merlyn's in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo: Charles Behnke

Pearl Drop

Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny March 2010 - Pearldrop

Hummingbird Hall of Fame

Marshall Chapman - Hummingbird Hall of FameA big thank you to everyone who forwarded the January and February newsletters. You are now in our Hummingbird Hall of Fame!

Al Moss, Allen Hemphill, Andrew Talbert, Ann Kelly, Becky Belmont Bagwell, Carol Whaley, Cindi Avolese, Donna Foster, Dorothy Josey, Elise & Bill Weston, Frederick Blank, Giles Singleton, Jane Hilfer, Jodi Ferragamo, Louis & Karin Glendenning, Martha Van Cise, Mary Lynn Eaddy, Mona Sinquefield, Nancy Gaillard, Pam Duncan, Robin Rose, Rusty Carbine, Ruth Fainlight, Sally Nikolajevich, Sandy Untermyer, Sue Havlish, Tom Priddy, Van Heath, and Virginia Team.

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