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JUNE 2010

Hola, todos!

Qué una aventura!

Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny June 2010 - Mexico

View from Marshall's room at Real de Catorce

After crossing the border at Laredo in a friend’s black Ford Expedition, our party (three friends and I) meandered through Santiago, Real de Catorce, Tula, and Valles. In the jungle outside Valles, we spent a night at Taninul Hotel & Spa, where we took mudbaths and swam in warm sulphur pools (a first for this traveler), before winding our way southwest to San Miguel de Allende. Along the way, we stopped at Las Pozas near Xilitla, where we swam in cool waterfall pools and trekked through a surrealist jungle landscape created by Englishman Edward James in the 1960s. At Taninul, I wrote a beautiful new song as the sun was coming up.

Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny June 2010 - Mexico

Throwing Miss Piggy in Valle Hermosa (Photo: David Martin)

We covered a lot of terrain, so whenever we made a pit stop (Los lavabos? Olvídeselo!), Miss Piggy (football signed by Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson) came to the rescue. (“Everybody, go long!”)

Even though it is hot, hot, hot in Nashville (The nights were cool in Mexico. And the days hot, other than at Valle Hermosa, where days are cool due to the high altitude.), it’s great to be home, where things are moving along nicely as far as my new book and CD.

Chris Ferrara is doing a terrific job working on the cover artwork for Big Lonesome). And my book (They Came to Nashville) is now listed on Amazon! (To pre-order, click here.) CD and book will be in stores this October.

Tommy Womack, Peter Cooper, Will Kimbrough, and I play the Bluebird (in Nashville) this Tuesday, June 29. Proceeds from the show will go to the Bluebird. We hope you’ll come out and let us rock you, while supporting this venerable landmark.

Hasta próximo tiempo…

Paz y amor,

Marshall Chapman (signature)

P.S. Still no word from Governor Bredesen regarding Gaile Owens. We encourage you to visit to sign the petition and/or write the governor. The petition now has 10,188 signatures. Let’s make it 15,000!

What’s it like being Marshall’s neighbor?

Click HERE for a little insight.

This is the first article from Marshall’s new monthly column in Nashville Arts Magazine.


Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny June 2010 - Flashback!

Summer Lights Festival - Nashville, TN - June 6, 1993. Left to right: Barbara Nicholson, Gary Nicholson, Luke Nicholson, Arthur Alexander, Marshall, and Chris Fletcher.

This photo was taken after Alexander’s last public peformance. He collapsed the next morning and died two days later. Alexander wrote “Every Day I Have To Cry,” “You Better Move On” (recorded by the Rolling Stones), and “Anna” (recorded by the Beatles).

Pearl Drop

Marshall Chapman - Tall Girl Skinny - June 2010 - Pearl Drop

Hummingbird Hall of Fame

Marshall Chapman - Hummingbird Hall of FameCurrent inductees (friends who forwarded the May newsletter) are:

Helen Bransford, Jenny Campbell, Mildred Willis Davis, Nancy Dimond, Bettye Carole Douglas, Cindi Earl, Liza Emanus, Stimp Hawkins, Kim Jameson, Doug Jeffords, Stephen Laird, Pignose Dave May, Karen McKinley, Mayme Medlock, Hugh Moore, Philomena Parker, Judith Ren-Lay, Trish Sanders, Tamara Saviano, Bryan & Wanda Smith, Debby Solomon, Julie Willingham Spear, Carol Starling, Ann Love Suttle, Gil Templeton, Patricia Thomas, Janice & Jerry Vick, Adair Watters, Joni Wheeler, and Elizabeth Chapman Young.

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