Marshall Chapman - The Tall Girl Skinny - October 2010


New CD and Book

Yes! My new CD and book are officially out! They are beautiful! Both are available here on (see above).

We’ll be taking the celebration on the road over the next few weeks. First stop: Greenwood, Mississippi! After that—Oxford (MS), Jackson (MS), Frankfort (KY), Winston-Salem, Greenville (SC), Spartanburg, Raleigh, and Hillsborough (NC).

Okay. I’m off to pack.

Hope to see you on the road!

Marshall Chapman

P.S. They Came to Nashville is now available at book stores everywhere, on Amazon, and at the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum store. Big Lonesome will be available at shows and is currently being sold at all three Ernest Tubb Record Shops, on Amazon, and here at

Our contest winners

Marshall Chapman - Country Music Hall of FameContest Congratulations to Mary Harrison from Ocean City, MD, for winning the They Came to Nashville Sweepstakes! Here’s Mary’s entry, “Music’s Heart,” for you to read and enjoy:

I was raised on Elvis and grew up on rock & roll. I played 45’s and read album credits. I realized early that music is a living, breathing community and the community is Nashville. In 1976 I walked into a public library in Fredericksburg, Virginia and met Marshall Chapman through her Jaded Virgin album. I have great admiration for songwriters and composers. Nashville is the heart of American music and I want to feel its heartbeat.

Thanks to everyone who entered! And now (drum roll) the ten runners up:

Christine Gregory (Willoughby, OH)
Adam Ware (Tallahassee, FL)
Molly Vasey (Rochester, NY)
Bruce Saulter (West Palm Beach, FL)
Mike Stewart (Mechanicsburg, PA)
Vicky Dobbin (Falls Church, VA)
Karen Raggio (Chicago, IL)
Falenia Payton (Glendale, KY)
Stephanie Rausch (Roselle, IL)
Dan McLane (Lanett, AL)

Hummingbird Hall of Fame

Marshall Chapman - Hummingbird Hall of FameCurrent inductees (friends who shared the September newsletter) are:

Steve Ammann, Robin Andrews, Cary Baker, Allison Bishop, Mary Boyd, Myrna Brown-Kainth, Matt Byrd, Kenneth Cook, Dale Critz Jr., Lynn Denney, Butch Ellard, Ruth Fainlight, Sharyn Felder, Kris Ficken, Chris Fletcher, Katie Geddes, Cassandra Gray, Stimp Hawkins, Van Heath, Jane Hilfer, Sara Hume, David Huntington, Jaime Johnston, Dorothy Josey, Jerry Joyner, Arch Karl Lamb, Maryjane Mauch, Fayssoux McLean, Keith Miles, Pallas Pidgeon, Rob Rodatus, Jennifer Shannon, Kelson Slayman, Debby Solomon, Laurie Spezzano, Nancy Stewart, Whitworth Stokes, Dona Tapp, and Michael Whitenack.

Coming up …

Later in November, we look forward to beginning TGS’s second year with all of our usual features plus some exciting new ones that we haven’t even thought of yet!

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