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MARCH 2011

Dear friends,

It was great seeing everybody at the Down Home in Johnson City, the Virginia Book Festival in Charlottesville, the Birchmere in Alexandria (where Rodney Crowell had me come out and sing a song during his amazing performance), and at Winkie Crigler’s book party in DC. Thanks for coming out, y’all!

As for my new CD Big Lonesome, things are really starting to pick up at Sirius/XM, thanks to Willie Nelson, Bill Mack, Hillbilly Jim, Cowboy Jack Clement, and Elizabeth Cook (with whom I’ll be visiting in a few weeks on her “Apron Strings” Outlaw Country radio show).  Also, KNBT in New Braunfels, TX, added Big Lonesome to their playlist this week!

Speaking of Big Lonesome, my goal from Day 1 has been to break even within a year. The good news is we are over halfway there! We plan to continue working this record, but meanwhile, here’s how YOU can help. Word of mouth is the best promotion in the world. Plus, I truly believe Big Lonesome is the best album I have ever made. So tell your friends … spread the word! I appreciate your support more than you will ever know. Thanks.

This Friday, I’m heading down to Chattanooga for a solo concert (Friday, April 1) at Charles & Myrtle’s Coffeehouse. After that it’s Bowling Green (KY) and Key West, Florida. (Click here for details.)

Again, my thanks.


Marshall & Elizabeth

Marshall and Elizabeth Cook before Music City Roots in Nashville (photo: Anthony Scarlati)

Music City Roots

Marshall leads grand finale with Abigail Washburn, Jewly Hight, Elizabeth Cook, Mary Gauthier and Bailey Cooke, backed by Washburn's band and the Doobie Brothers (photo: Anthony Scarlati)

What makes Marshall deface public property?

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Marshall recommends ….

the following songs:

The Levee’s Gonna Break, Bob Dylan
Are You Alright?, Lucinda Williams
Shady Grove, Mudcrutch
El Camino, Elizabeth Cook
I Know Love Is All I Need, Rodney Crowell


Marshall & the Love Slaves

(1991) Marshall and the Love Slaves in the alley behind the Ace of Clubs in Nashville
(left to right: Eddie Angel, James Hollihan, Jackie Streets, Marshall, Lynn Williams)

Pearl Drop

Pearl Drop

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