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JULY 2011

Hola from 40,000 feet!

Right now I am on my way to Mexico for a month’s vacation. Well … I may play a couple of shows with Joe “King” Carrasco y Los Coronas, and there’s the San Miguel Literary Sala on August 4, but other than that, I plan to learn Spanish, practice yoga, read, eat, and take lots of naps!

Last week, Chris and I spent four magical days at the Sundance Resort in Utah with Gretchen Peters & Barry Walsh and Matraca Berg & Jeff Hanna. Matraca, Gretchen, and I were there compliments of the resort’s Bluebird Cafe Concert Series. Just the week before, Chris and I were in the Bay Area, where I got to hear Pulitzer prize-winning author Oscar Hijuelos play the melody to “Walk Don’t Run” on my Takamine guitar in the greenroom at West Coast Live! Other Bay Area highlights included staying at Sleepy John’s house, which was like something out of Lord of the Rings; driving along the coast on Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, where we stopped to wade in the ocean; playing a free concert at a halfway house (where Patty Hearst reportedly used to live) in Berkeley; and running into Jim Lauderdale on our flight home!

Back in Nashville, Minton Sparks and I played a co-bill at the Station Inn. Will Kimbrough accompanied me on guitar, the club was packed, and everyone went home happy. Minton and I look forward to playing more gigs there in the future.

If you haven’t already seen it, click here to read my article (about Nashville) in the current issue of W Magazine!

And if you don’t already have my new CD, Big Lonesome, click here to order. My goal from day one has been to break even within a year. We’re a little over two-thirds there. I truly believe this is my best CD to date.

Thanks for your support!


Sundance Theater
Marshall, Matraca, and Gretchen play the Eccles Theater at Sundance (July 8, 2011)
(Photo: Barry Walsh)
creek at Sundance
(Photo: Chris Fletcher)
view from chairlift at Sundance
(Photo: Chris Fletcher)
Left: Marshall and Will Kimbrough at the Station Inn (June 28, 2011)
(Photo: Ramcey Rodriguez)
Station Inn

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Marshall with her aunt Wince and sister Mary - Spartanburg, SC (1952)

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Pearl Drop

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