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May 2012

Dear friends,

Sorry I haven’t written lately, but I’ve mostly been off the road, reevaluating things (including the Tall Girl Skinny) as we undergo some changes.

Since the last Skinny, Matraca Berg, Lee Smith, Jill McCorkle and I played a sold-out Paramount Theater at the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. Other than that (and a Balsam Mountain Inn gig with Tommy Womack and Lisa Oliver-Gray), I’ve been hanging close to home, writing songs for a new CD, while playing the occasional gig around town.

Meanwhile, some literary news: My essay “Going to Church: A Sartorial Odyssey” is included in a new anthology called Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality; a tribute article I wrote about the writer William Gay appears in the next issue of The Oxford American; and beautiful new 2nd editions of my first book are now available! (Click here for details.)

Last Friday, Ashley Cleveland, Emmylou Harris and I sang the National Anthem (accompanied by Sam Bush) at the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss baseball game. Click here for our mandolin-inspired rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch. (After a lightning delay, Ashley had wisely packed it in by then!)

This weekend, I’ll be Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s Americana Roots Music and Camping Festival in Overton County, Tennessee, where music runs like the waters in the Obey River all weekend! My set starts at 4:25 tomorrow (Fri.) afternoon. Others on the weekend bill include Tommy Womack, Jonathan Byrd, RB Morris, Malcomb Holcombe, Mary Gauthier and Blue Mother Tupelo.

Hope to see you at upcoming gigs in Columbia (SC), Charleston (SC), Clarksville (TN), Florence (AL), Dahlonega (GA) and Chattanooga. (Click here for details.)

It’s good to be back in touch!


It’s not often one’s lyrics inspire a tattoo! (shoulder of Raleigh fan, Stephanie Lockwood)

Marshall cutting up with Chelle Rose, who has a fine new CD out called The Ghost of Browder Holler. (photo from M magazine by Jeff Fasano)


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Marshall with Memphis Horns (Wayne Jackson & Andrew Love)
Burbank airport, summer of 1987

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