June 2012

Dear friends

Well, summer is here at last, and for those in Nashville, that means hot and dry! Other than venturing out to water the garden, I’ve mostly been staying indoors writing songs … and working out, as I try to stay in shape for the occasional gig.

Speaking of, I recently played an unusual one in Columbia (SC) at the aptly-named Alien Carnival House. During the second set, a rainstorm moved in, complete with lightning and thunder. I kept playing, the audience huddled under tents, and somehow, as often happens in life, potential disaster became magic! Other recent gigs include a performance/reading in Charleston (SC), an emotional tribute to the writer William Gay at the Clarksville Writers Conference (scroll to 25:20), an even more unusual gig at a knit shop in Florence (AL), and, closer to home, a very special benefit for Jon Byrd at the Station Inn.

This just in! The last album recorded by Tim Krekel is now available! It’s called Sings Up the Sun and it’s classic Krekel. For a sneak preview, click “Keep the Light On” in playlist to the right.

As for other news, the current issue of the Oxford American features my song “Rode Hard and Put Up Wet” in their “Best of the South” playlist and includes the tribute article I wrote about William Gay.

I am happy to report I now have enough songs⎯including one I just wrote called “Blaze of Glory”⎯to begin work on a new CD. So stay tuned.

Chris has requested I mention that beautiful, new softcover and electronic version 2nd edition copies of my first book are now available! (AMAZON, iBOOKS, and Barnes and Noble).

Stay cool!



Singing with Fayssoux in Columbia June 1, 2012

Alien Carnival House Concert Columbia SC - June 1, 2012

Clockwise from top left: Davis Raines; Marshall; ansd Fayssoux, Peter Cooper and Eric Brace

with James Carson at Unraveled; Florence, AL - June 9, 2012

Heading Home....I-40 West

A Bug Story

Have you ever seen an unusual insect in your yard and wondered what it was? Something that stopped you dead in your tracks? Something that made you yell out, Hey Myrtle, come look at this weird bug!

Click here to read article.
(Marshall’s June column from Nashville Arts Magazine)


Drawing by LeRoy Nieman (1921-2012)

Note from Marshall: I was saddened to hear LeRoy Neiman died on June 20. Mr. Neiman was in the audience the night Jamie O’Hara, Gary Nicholson, Don Henry and I played an in-the-round at the Bluebird Cafe (May 6, 1993). I had just written “Goodbye Forever,” and Mr. Neiman made a note of this in the drawing!

Pearl Drop

To live outside the law,

you must be honest.
- Bob Dylan

Marshall’s Favorite Summer Cooler!

Marshall recommends
…the following playlist



  1. Alabama Asphalt
    Jon Byrd
  2. Velvet & Steel
    Jessi Colter
  3. Keep the Light On
    Tim Krekel
  4. Rattlesnake in the Road
    Chelle Rose
  5. On & Off the Wagon
    Tommy Womack

Hummingbird Hall of Fame

Current inductees (friends who shared the May newsletter) are:
Walt Allen, Laura Hogan Bailey, Carter Baker, Bill Barker, Leanna Bone, Peggy Dunham, Johnny Few, Katy Ginanni, Tom Gould, Tress Hess, Beverly Hill, Jennifer Horne, David Huntington, Brent Inman, Ann Kelly, Mackie Snyder Kudravetz, Joe Lee, Stacy Leiser, Bette Lorenzen, George McCarty, Jeanne Chapman Richardson, Hal Rosson, Garth Shaw, Rebecca Simon, Kelson Slayman, Debby Solomon, Danny Sparks, Muffy Dent Stuart, and Victoria Webb.

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